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The REI Partner Podcast: Real Estate Investing For The Average Person

Jerred holds down a 9-5 during the week and spends his weekends buying properties in Austin, DFW and Houston.  When he's not buying houses then he spends his time helping others achieve their real estate goals.

You can connect with Jerred or Jerred Buys Dallas Houses

May 5, 2018

This year I decided to add hard money loans to my investment strategy.  As of late I haven't been able to find too many high equity deals and I'm sitting on a decent amount of cash.

A local investor asked me to fund one of their projects and I decided to take the leap.  Keep in mind I only fund the purchase of the asset and not the rehab.

I'll only lend on assets that will cash flow if the original borrower defaults.

If you have any additional questions than connect with me on Facebook or stop by my website, Commercial Lease Locators