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The REI Partner Podcast: Real Estate Investing For The Average Person

Jerred holds down a 9-5 during the week and spends his weekends buying properties in Austin, DFW and Houston.  When he's not buying houses then he spends his time helping others achieve their real estate goals.

You can connect with Jerred or Jerred Buys Dallas Houses

Apr 9, 2017

I attended a networking meeting and the speaker was David Bootrus

Talked about his strategy for making money in smaller markets


Step 1 – Identify the small/rural city that you want to target. You’ll need to research rent rates for the area as well.

Step 2 – Create a marketing plan for the area

  • Digital
  • Yellow letters
  • Bandit signs

Step 3 – Work the leads and purchase distressed homes in the area for 5,000 – 20,000

Step 4 – Do a basic make ready

Step 5 - Market the property in MLS, craigslist, Trulia, Zillow…

Step 6 – Use bandit signs for “owner financing”

Step 7 – You’re going to make the payment on the mortgage $400 less than rent rates


Why would you do this? It ensures a very low foreclosure rate.