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The REI Partner Podcast: Real Estate Investing For The Average Person

Jerred holds down a 9-5 during the week and spends his weekends buying properties in Austin, DFW and Houston.  When he's not buying houses then he spends his time helping others achieve their real estate goals.

You can connect with Jerred or Jerred Buys Dallas Houses

May 8, 2018

Spending more on marketing doesn't equate to more deals.  If you're looking to 5X your business than 5xing your marketing spend with direct mail is not going to give you the desired result.

Instead it's going to erode your profits from previous deals.

The smart way to grow your business is to add additional streams of...

May 5, 2018

This year I decided to add hard money loans to my investment strategy.  As of late I haven't been able to find too many high equity deals and I'm sitting on a decent amount of cash.

A local investor asked me to fund one of their projects and I decided to take the leap.  Keep in mind I only fund the purchase of the asset...

Apr 30, 2018

I like to do this type of podcast every year because tactics change when it comes to driving motivated seller leads and you need to stay on top of it.

we buy mobile homes

Commercial Lease Locators...

Apr 23, 2018

Step 13 - If you're not leveraging a chat bot for lead gen than you're leaving a ton of money on the table.  I truly believe that these bots will change the way to drive leads.

I break down which software is best and how to get started.

If you'd like to follow my progress than take a look at my current project -

Apr 10, 2018

Step 12 - Schema mark up can get kind of technical but you shouldn't worry because there's plenty of tools that make it easy.  There's really no reason to get into the technical details.  What you need to know is that you must have schema mark up on your site

Schema Generator -


If you'd like to...